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Your smart SOS Button

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Secufy is a small button that calls for help. When you press the button three times, it sends an alert to selected contacts (such as friends or family), notifying them of your need of help and your location. Secufy works without any additional app or base station and can be used both indoors and outdoors. But the best is: Secufy is very affordable.

Webshop and product is available in September 2019.

What is Secufy?

Secufy – rapid assistance at the touch of a button

Use Secufy if you don't have time to call someone or send a message in the case of an emergency. Simply press the alert button three times and up to three preselected contacts will receive a text message with your call for help and your location.

The button is so small and handy that you can take it anywhere you go: put it in your pants or jacket pocket or wear it as a pendant on a necklace, a bracelet or a key chain.

Call for help at the push of a button: all without having to use any additional devices such as a smartphone or base station. Both indoors and outdoors, at work or in your free time.

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More safety in just a few steps

REGISTER AND SPECIFY YOUR HELPERS Use your button's ID to register at www.secufy.io/setup. Then enter up to three of your contacts by providing their cell phone numbers. Secufy will send them a text message with your distress call and location as soon as the button is pushed.

SET UP YOUR GROUP OF HELPERS Inform your contacts that you've designated them as helpers. When you trigger the alarm, each of the helpers will receive a text message notifying them of who else has received the alert. That way they can coordinate who will rush to your aid.

PRESS THE SECUFY BUTTON THREE TIMES If you need help, press the button three times. Within just a few seconds, Secufy then transmits your call for help and shares a Google Maps link pinpointing your current location. GPS makes it possible to determine your exact location within approx. ten meters (about 32 feet).


For employee, safety and security

Location-based, highly standardized and disruptively priced. The Secufy security system is applicable for many different use cases in employee, safety and security.

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